Marquette’s Multi-Use Path


These pictures are part of a paved trail that follows along Lake Superior in Marquette and goes up to Presque Isle Park.  This trail is nineteen miles long and is wheel-chair accessible. People like to bike, walk, jog, inline skate, cross country ski, etc. along this path.



This is one of the many views you get to enjoy.


There is a lot to see along the waters edge.


I love the fog. It does limit your vision, but the fog puts a soft, gauzy coating on everything.


The visitor center as you enter Marquette is on the east side of the road and on the south end of Marquette. If you follow this trail south-east of Marquette, the trail is gravelly.





The trail goes over this stream which goes out to Superior. Take time to go off the trail and meander along the beach and stream.


For those of you who enjoy ships, the trail will take you here. We were lucky enough to catch a ship unloading.




Along the trail, there are many places to park and there are several parks to visit.


This is the same shipyard from a different viewpoint.


This is in Marquette. North of Marquette is Presque Isle Park. That park is worthy of a post all by itself. You definitely want to spend some time there.


This is the happening place for birds to gather. It’s just a little off shore. They were having a good ol’ time and making some noise.


Love that swing. It looked inviting, but I decided not to try to climb out there. I took a picture for you instead. Well Deb, I did my first picture-post all by myself. Aren’t you proud of me!>findtrails>Michigan


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