#4 Dead River Falls


Welcome to Dead River Falls. Come, if you dare!


To get here, we parked at a power plant. There was a bar across the road, so we walked up the hill, turned right and followed the road to this sign, then went down hill to the river.


When asking people in Marquette about the Dead River, one said “Yep, there’s a waterfall back there.” We asked someone else. “Yes, there’s a waterfall, but if you keep going up hill, there’s another one.” We went back there and saw one, then another and another… There were five waterfalls! I think that’s one reason these falls were mine and Deb’s favorite. It was one surprise after another and they were beautiful.


Love it.


This is one of my favorite pictures.


Here I was at the top of a small hill with a fairly steep drop. This picture is to show the tree roots and how easy it is to trip on them. I think it was that hill that I had to grab a branch and tree root to help get up the hill. If you’re in shape for these falls, they’re worth it.


To get to the second waterfall, we had to cross this log “bridge.”




Doesn’t this look rugged with the roots, rocks and churning water?


This was a triple fall that merged back together.


This is Deb with one of the Dead River Falls in the background.


This is the only waterfall stop we made this day. We were back there three hours and we were whipped when we were done, but it was worth it!

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