Kayaking on the Shiawassee River

Deb KayakGeneva Kayakkayak MiMi

Deb pointed out to me that it looked like I was getting smacked in the face with the paddle. She thought that was funny. Hmm.

kayak ShiawasseeMiMi KayakShiawassee TributaryKayak fourPaddle boat

My friends and I went to E Z Kayak and Canoe Rental in Linden. It’s between Flint and Detroit. We started on the Shiawassee River and it took us to Lake Ponemah, Tupper Lake, and Squaw Lake. It’s a nice day trip and we had a fun, relaxing time. I highly recommend it. Check out their facebook page. (The paddle boat was a friends and wasn’t rented)  http://www.facebook.com/ezkayak

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