Cadillac, Michigan

When going up to Cadillac, I learned that Cadillac is the home of the 70’s rock group, Kiss.

(I’ll have more on that.)

The Cadillac Sound Garden is fun for the whole family.

I’ll start with our trip up. We stopped at a rest stop in Clare that had displays honoring construction workers. Isn’t that cool?

Linda asked these men to pose for us for a picture. They were good sports and obliged.

At this stop was a memorial for construction workers who have lost their lives while working. They work with heavy equipment near heavy traffic areas. Thank you for the work you do!

That’s beautiful. There’s lots of talented people out there who work on these displays.

This replica of the Mackinac Bridge is a newer display. Pretty neat.

After stopping at the Hearthstone Oven for breakfast and that awesome rest stop in Clare, we finally made it up to Cadillac. This is a memorial to Veterans. Cadillac lake is in the background.

They have this path that goes along the north side of Cadillac Lake.

Lots of seagulls and ducks enjoy the lake.

There are benches, grills and places to picnic.

There’s a nice playground for the kids.

This sculpture promoting unity is near the playground.

I had to get back to Kiss! Cadillac is proud of this hometown band. The football team would play one of their songs before going out on to the field. You can find this across the road from the lake and at the football field of course.

They’ve come to do concerts here and this one time they surprised everyone by having a helicopter land on the field to pick them up. That’s how they made their exit. There also was a parade in their honor.

I liked hearing this story because Kiss is one group who never forgot their hometown and their hometown never forgot them. That’s how it should be.

This town takes pride in keeping their parks beautiful.

He stopped to say hi.

My next several pictures will be of the Cadillac Sound Garden where you can go to see and hear wonderful things. I’ll let the pictures speak.

This young fella enjoyed putting sand up on that table.

The hype is real! His expression says it all!

They had this human sundial. You stand on the month it is and your shadow will tell you what time it is.

In this picture that windmill (that’s what I’m calling it) looks like birds flying. It changes as the wind blows it. It was interesting.

I learned that the underside of lilly pads are red. Didn’t know that.

The parks are for big kids too!

Well, that’s it for the sound garden. If in the area, it’s worth visiting.

The Cadillac Armory.

This bridge is part of the trail along the north side of the lake.

When you come to Cadillac Lake, you get two for one. This is Mitchell Lake which is just below Cadillac Lake. Highway 115 runs between them. On the north side of the road is a campground. On the south side of the road is this State Park and beach. Nice place for a family day trip or vacation.

Come to Cadillac Lake and Mitchell Lake to relax.

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      1. Thank you for letting me know about the pictures. They were all showing up when I looked at them, so I guess it was one of those weird “glitchy” things that she didn’t get all of them.


    1. My sister said some of my pictures didn’t show up on this post. Could you tell me if you got all of them? If there’s a comment with no picture, then you’ll know. Thank you!


  1. Hey, everyone. Can you help me? My sister called and told me only half my pictures showed up. Could you let me know in the comments if all the pictures showed up for you or not? Thank you!


  2. I don’t know if I have ever been to Cadillac! I now where it is, I have been very close to it, but I don’t remember ever being there…. Looks like I got to take a trip with my girl friends soon! Thanks, great post!


    1. Yes, you do! Mitchell Lake has a nice beach for swimming and picnicking and the south side of Cadillac Lake has a huge campground. (Can’t remember if I mentioned that in the post – Old-timers disease!)


  3. I may have visited Cadillac as a young child growing up, but I don’t remember it. Love the purple cone flowers and the windmill (birds flying) sculpture. The sound garden looks like fun. Thanks for sharing!

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