Has Our Governor Gone Too Far?

Governor Whitmer, of Michigan, has now mandated that two-year-olds have to wear masks. I think that’s horrible. They should be able to run around, laugh and BREATHE! I want to see their smiling faces and hear their unmuffled giggles.

When your body gets rid of something, you should not put it back into your body. If you sneeze, you would never put what comes out of your mouth back into your mouth. Gross. Well, when you breathe in air, your body uses what it needs and breathes out (gets rid of) what it doesn’t want or need (all the bad stuff). With these masks, we’re breathing back in used up, recycled, tainted air. I believe in recycling, but this takes it too far.

I heard last year that Michigan is a test state. Judging from our Governor’s actions, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true. They want to see how far we will let them go in taking away our rights before we fight back. For me, I’m about there. I still wear my mask to work and church because I have no choice. I will not let them keep me from worshipping God and I have to make money, but I support the small Mom and Pops, especially the ones that don’t enforce the mask rule.  I’m getting tired of these communist rules that are taking away our freedoms. I’m trying to avoid the big conglomerates that have mask guards standing at the door. Ridiculous!

They say that covid is out of control here in Michigan. Is it? Personally, I only know one person who they claim has died from covid. When I ask people, how many people do you actually know yourself have died from covid, they usually answer one or none. There are exceptions and they’re usually people who either work or are connected to nursing homes or hospitals.

I quit watching the news back in the 90’s when I realized it wasn’t news; just propaganda and lies. However, I got freaked out last year when first we had a Man-made virus (how evil!) and then our President, doctors and myself were getting censored! (Be scared when they’re censoring doctors who are trying to get the truth out about this virus and vaccine). That’s not a free country if freedom of speech, etc. are taken away. Sorry, but that’s communism. Wake up people!

I wanted to know what was going on, but didn’t see the sense in watching brain-washing, communist influenced news, so I had to find other sources. On the net you get a mixture of truth and lies, so I ventured there trying to find those small gems of truth speakers. I found some. There is one video in particular that I liked because they didn’t tell me what was said, they let me see and hear it for myself. They showed a clip of JFK giving a speech. I saw with my own eyes and heard with my own ears JFK talking about communism. He was warning the people (back in 1963!) that communism was alive and well in the USA and he planned on fighting communism until it was completely removed from our country. (He had more eloquent words, but that is the gist of the message). A week later, after giving that speech, JFK was shot and killed. They also showed a clip of Ronald Raegan speaking in the 80’s and he was saying the same message JFK was; that communism was a threat in our country. Shortly after, he was shot too. Doesn’t this tell you something? The communists have been working to take down our country from the inside since the 50’s at the very least. They now control most of our judges, the majority of our Supreme Court, they’re brain-washing our children with their school curriculums, they control most of the big social media and news media outlets and our freedoms are being taken away. We’re being conditioned and brain-washed to follow like obedient sheep being led to the slaughter. Wake up!

Through bribes, threats, intimidation and coercion, the communists now control most of our democrat and republican politicians!

The other thing that shows we’re not a free country any longer is the voter fraud. The American people voted for Trump, yet who is our President? Biden. We did not vote for him. When you have leaders that the people did not choose, that’s communism. For those of you who don’t believe there was voter fraud; wake up! Compare Biden’s following to Trump’s following and his rallies. The support for Trump was phenomenal. The elections were rigged.

The communists won’t stop. They want to control the world, so they have to topple the US first. We will, at some point, have to fight back or succumb. Please don’t wait until it’s too late. Wake up now! PLEASE! Wake up!

It’s time for all of Michigan to make a stand and have their voices heard!

Keep our state and country beautiful and free!

5 Thoughts

  1. There are so many lies going on about covid,and whitmer is not helping matters any!! I too live in Michigan Mary and am fed up with our governor! By your picture you must be by the lake, I’m by Kingston, maybe we’re neighbors. Have a Blessed Day.

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    1. I agree! Hopefully, if the election is honest, she’ll be out next time. Anyways… I wish I lived by a lake. I live between Flint and Saginaw, but I’ve been going to the U.P. for a week each year for the last few years. I love Lake Superior, the waterfalls, walking trails, Porcupine Mountains, Pictured Rocks…. I’ll stop or I’ll go on forever. The Sleeping Bear Dunes is another area I love. Blessings to you too!

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      1. For as hard headed as she is, I can’t believe she would run again and think michiganders would vote her in.
        I’ve been to the sleeping bear dunes and I remember it took forever to climb, or so it seemed. Always wanted to go to lake superior, maybe one day I will. Too bad you aren’t closer I have kittens that I’m looking for a forever home for. Take Care. Blessings Always.

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  2. I believe she’ll run. She likes her power and life style too much. She’ll only win if there’s voter fraud and that’s what I’m afraid of. I always loved running down the dunes. Right now my knees are too bad to run, but I’m working on getting them better. Lake Superior won’t disappoint you. Go to my menu (upper left hand corner of my main page) then to “Adventures.” I have many posts of the U.P. You can see what area interests you. It’s all beautiful. My grand kids just got a kitten. They spoil her rotten!

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