Death to Politics


Death to politics!
Death to corruption!
You rip the heart out of the Nation.
The blood of innocent children pool at your feet.
Beneath your flesh rattles your bones.
Worms crawl in your eye sockets.
Rot and decay fester where your heart once was.
You’re dead inside.
Once you were so alive – a thing of beauty
with so much hope, so many dreams.
Did you think you could swim in the
cesspool and come out untouched?
You have become what you despised.
A weaver of lies.
Your pockets are lined with silk.
Does it give you the satisfaction you desired?
Power and greed have consumed you.
You sold out cheaply.
Smile for your adoring public.
They do not know you sold them out.
You held the world in your hand and you crushed it.
You try to cry, but you are an empty pit,
void of compassion.
You despise yourself, but refuse to turn back.
You have developed a taste for blood
and hunger for it.
The rush and exhilaration of power and control…
A living corpse steps up to the podium
and humbly smiles.
You brood of Vipers!
Flee from the web of destruction you
wove yourself into.
You do not fear death,
Because you’ve already died!



Note: This poem is not about the current Presidential candidates.


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