#25 Ogemaw Falls

“This was the best one!” That’s what Deb and I said when we were done seeing this fall – then we cracked up laughing. We were being serious when we said it, but we realized that we said it at a few other falls too. What was great about this fall – other than it was beautiful, because have you ever seen an ugly waterfall? – is that it was fun too.










The above are my favorites as far as beauty goes, but you have to see these other shots. The trail was a little rugged. Just giving you a heads up.








I decided half way through this trip that I’m going to try to post some shots of us, because it’s the best way to show how steep the trail and hills are and the difficulty level. That way you can better judge if this is a fall you want to see.




Okay. The truth is out. I’m a tree-hugger. I do love trees, but normally I don’t hug them. I kind of needed their assistance getting down here. Yes, I know this picture is blurry, but I like how it shows the little drop in the path.




After the falls, the river divided; that’s why it’s a lot narrower here. We couldn’t go any further unless we crossed that little creek. “We can just grab a branch and jump over!” Deb said.


Are you kidding me? She insisted she would help me and we could do it. I let her go first.





This is mid May, 2018. Many of these branches are still bare. I’m sure in the summer the path and woods are more dense.











This kind of looks like the place where we jumped. I’m not sure though. It wasn’t a big jump, but for an old lady like me – it was a leap! We were laughing the whole time.





When you go down hill, you have to come back up. “No problem,” Deb is coaxing me. “You can do it.” She was right. I didn’t really have any other options. Where’s the escalator?






I had to get some momentum going to get up. Almost there! Obviously, I made it up or I’d still be out there.







This is a long drop down.




Sometimes you have little obstacles to go over – like trees.




So far, I’m voting this fall as the most giggly. It seems like the harder it is, the more fun you have. Why is that?










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