My Six Word Poems

Back in the eighties they had Hallmark and Bell Telephone commercials that could bring tears to your eyes. It always amazed me that they could, in one minute, introduce us to people, tell a story, present their product and move us to tears.


I decided to try my hand at something similar. Poems with only six words. Could I tell a story or move someone in six words or less? I decided to give it a shot. I hope you like what I came up with.



You came. We believed. You left.


White Water

Rushing water. Paddle! Dig! Exhilarating. Whew!


My Mich

Michigan. Warm, cozy, mitten. Sweet Home.


The Door

Turning lock, paralyzing fear, can’t scream.


The Fireplace

Crackling fire, hot cocoa, good book.


Little One

Tiny, chubby fingers grasping onto mine.


Summer Time

Turn key, shift. Pedal down. Freedom


Labored breath. Eyes trying to speak.



My Father. My Savior. My Comforter


Agape Love

Jesus wept holy tears for us.



He loved. He sacrificed. He died.


Mighty Mac

Mackinac Bridge. Cables. Steel. Connecting worlds.


Edmund Fitzgerald

Hurricane Winds. No one came home.


Queen of the Fresh Water Lakes

Lake Superior – Sometimes she’s a bitch.



At first – nothing. Then an avalanche.



Place of Family. Place of Love



Stars and Moonglow – cool, crisp night



I had never thought of doing six word poems until I visited this blog:

Six Word Stories #30

If you like to write (or read), I highly recommend this site. I’m not sure of the rules on six word poems. I didn’t see any titles, but I guess I’m a traditionalist and gave most of mine one. Without a name, they looked like lost little orphans. I had to give them a name.

Unbolt – you’re awesome. I had fun writing these yesterday!


3/38/2018  As I think of more, I will add them. Here’s another one.



After the Celebration

Paper tumbleweeds crossing the cement Prairie

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